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Ware iz Animinis?

Monday, November 30, 2009


O hai! This blog is done. We just redesigned the main site and iz really cool! Yoo shud check out that one insted cuz I not coming back here.


And noo RSS feed:


Thankees! See yoo there! :D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Please Send Money" bai Cheshire Kitten. (Review bai Loki!)

Since lots uv Tweeters hoo iz aminalz iz also in books, we decided to has a Pets on Twitter book exchange . We traded books wif Cheshire Kitten . I gave Cheshire and Robin a copy uv mai book, and in return I gots a copy uv Please Send Money, a tiny photo book that haz a story bai Cheshire Kitten and feechurez picturez uv his familee.

Iz a storee about hao the kittehs comes up wif an idea to earn monies fur kibbles in the recession. Iz good fur kids and reminds me a lot uv the classic book Two Kittens by Marjory Schwalje, which iz ware I gets the idea to wear clothes.

But I digress.

Cheshire and hiz familee learn about hao peoples is running out uv monies and they want to help, so they try different ideas like cleaning houses and doing repairs befoar they decide to write a book, cuz they’ve seen the other kitties on the computer and “they can’t even spell!” (hee!)

Iz very clever and funny and the color photos do a great job illustrating ,so I gives it 4 paws up!

Yoo can gets it frum Cheshire Kitten on Twitter oar read more bai Cheshire at the Cheshire Loves Karma Blog . They sells them on Etsy foar yoo.